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The truth about…

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized



What the fuck is this about? Sex and language. This is a blog for grownups. It’s about how we talk about sex and how we write about sex and sexuality. It’s about books that make us hot. It’s about anti-sex rhetoric that makes us hot under the collar. It’s about words. Words, words, words. Words that make us wet.


Specifically words that make ME wet.


Which takes us from what the fuck to who the fuck. Who the fuck am I? I’m a wordsmith, a whore for words, a professional writer, a poet, an activist, a sucker (yes literally) for polyglots, and a reviewer of sex toys, books and current culture. I’m G.L. Morrison.


(Inserting 3rd person bio… Peoples love the third person. It’s so authoritative.)


G.L. Morrison is a professional writer with a fistful of awards for publishing a buttload of poetry, literary fiction and erotica.

Polysyllabic polyamorist, she’s seldom met a word she didn’t want to fuck (or fuck with) and is delighted to have peppered New English with such savory additions as “heteroflexible” and “flirting with intent”.

When she’s not being battered by the neverending Great American Novel, Morrison lectures, teaches and holds court on sex-positivity, fat-love, writing and polyamory with maddening irregularity.

Her current distraction/creation is BeMuse,, a series of art shows featuring a cross-pollination of literary and visual arts.