Books of the Pillow Book

Posted: January 17, 2013 in art, body, quote
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The Books of “The Pillow Book”These are the inscriptions written in the bodies of Peter Greenaway’s “The Pillow Book”. The poems, originally written in Japanese, were not translated in the film, and deserve to be known. They were based in a book of a Japanese courtesan called Sei Shonagon, who lived in the 10th century (Heian dinasty).

First Book: The Agenda
Second Book: The Book of the Innocent
Third Book: The Book of the Idiot
Fourth Book: The Book of Impotence
Fifth Book: The Book of the Exhibitionist
Sixth Book: The Book of the Lover
Seventh Book: The Book of Youth
Eighth Book: The Book of the Seducer
Ninth Book: The Book of Secrets
Tenth Book: The Book of Silence
Eleventh Book: El Libro de la Traición
Twelveth Book: El Libro de los Nacimientos y de los Comienzos
Thirteenth Book: The Book of Dead

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